English restaurants are known to be classy and offer top food. The service that guests receive is high-quality, thanks to the qualified staff in most of these eateries. Dining in English restaurants is always a great experience. There are unique features and dishes offered in the restaurants. Popular British restaurants in the world include the following.

The Golden Chippy

The Golden Chippy is an English restaurant located in London. It offers customers tasty fish and chips. The five-star restaurant has lunch and dinner meals, and the atmosphere is appealing. Alcoholic and soft drinks are served at the venue.

Fishers Restaurant & Takeaway

This 4.5-star eatery offers British cuisine and also seafood. Special diets such as vegetarian and gluten-free options are served. Here, you can have either your lunch or dinner and be sure to enjoy the meal.

The Wilmington

The Wilmington offers eating and drinking services. It is known for the great fish, chips and burgers served. You can enjoy a drink in the pub.


Good behavior while in a restaurant is essential. In English restaurants, you should wait until the host welcomes you before you start eating. This applies to a dinner party set-up. Other common manners to observe is to ensure you chew and swallow the food before taking more.