Chinese restaurants specialize mainly in the preparation and serving food of Chinese origin. Chinese restaurants are spread across all continents in the world. They are frequented by both Chinese people and others who want to try their delicacies. Some famous Chinese eateries across the globe include the following.

Bangkok Chinese Restaurant

The Bangkok Chinese Restaurant is an ideal place for kids and also groups of people. The 3.9-star restaurant in Kenya offers beer and wine in addition to Chinese meals. The atmosphere at the venue is casual. From reviews, you can tell guests enjoy the quality of services here.

Fuchun Teahouse

The Fuchun Teahouse is a traditional Chinese restaurant situated in Yangzhou, China. The ancient restaurant was established in 1885, and in 2010, it was named as a “China Famous Brand”.

Class 302, Rowland Heights

If you have cravings for Taiwanese cuisine, then visit the Rowland Heights in California to find some tasty dishes. This restaurant is built similar to traditional Taiwanese classrooms.

Etiquette to Observe in Chinese Restaurants

Things to observe while dining in Chinese restaurants include not talking with food in your mouth and not making a noise when eating soup. Chopsticks are standard in such restaurants. You should not point at anyone with them. Playing with chopsticks is frowned upon.